Spartak Moscow slammed for racist tweet in wake of Liverpool charges

Spartak Moscow is facing intense backlash once posting a video of 3 of its black players with a message that read: “See however the chocolates soften within the sun.”
It’s the latest incident within which Spartak has attracted negative attention, once complaints were filed by metropolis over the racist abuse to that youth players were subjected throughout UEFA Youth League matches earlier this season.
The tweet has been criticised by the chief of anti-discriminatory organization FARE, Piara Powar, WHO aforesaid the Russian club “shows a stunning level of content.”
“Racism is one in all the most important problems Russia faces within the year they host the world Cup,” Powar aforesaid, per BBC Sport. “References like this show however some minorities area unit seen by some within the country.”
“For Russia’s biggest club to tolerate then celebrate racist references of this type is wrong.
“They were sanctioned for Islamophobic intonation recently however clearly the message has not reached the players or the club management.”
The tweet has since been deleted, however BBC Sport captured a screenshot with the translated racist reference:

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