Gutierrez Pulls No Punches on Trump discourse: ‘Unequivocally Racist’

On an evening pocked by political statement pattern, Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez created one amongst the loudest.
The Illinois Democrat, a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump, exited the House chamber as several within the crowd musical, “USA, USA, USA,” near the conclusion of Trump’s speech.
Gutierrez wasted no time supplying a press release trashing, in his words, “an externally, expressly racist yankee President.”
“Even tho’ I disagreed with virtually everything he same, for Trump, the speech was clear and well-delivered,” Gutierrez same within the statement.
“Whoever translated it for him from Russian did a decent job.”
Gutierrez, WHO is of Puerto Rican descent and lived on the island for 3 years throughout highschool, has been associate degree outspoken advocate for providing a pathway to citizenship for questionable Dreamers, immigrants delivered to the U.S. as youngsters WHO haven’t any criminal background and are listed in class or work.
Though they lack legal documents of identification, Dreamers are shielded from arrest and deportation by the postponed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program initiated by an govt order from then-President Barack Obama in 2012.

Trump declared last Sep he would let DACA expire on March five, giving Congress six months to achieve a deal on the Dreamers. With simply a month left before the point in time, Democrats and Republicans haven’t stricken a deal.
Gutierrez doesn’t foresee one, either, he said. “The White House agenda is to gut legal immigration in exchange for permitting a number of the Dreamers to measure here. For those people WHO support legal immigration, and that’s most Democrats and lots of Republicans, it won’t fly,” he same in his post-SOTU statement. “The Dreamers themselves have same they are doing not need position if it comes at the expense of others WHO can suffer additional as a part of the cut price. The speech did nothing to bring the pro- and anti-immigrant sides nearer along.”

Republican lawmakers and pundits lauded the president for placing a conciliatory tone with Democrats in his DE of the Union address, a message the White House was attack impartation.
“This could be a president WHO needs to steer for everyone,” White House press secretary married woman Huckabee Sanders same weekday. “He’s not trying to steer for anyone person, anyone cluster, however he needs to be the president of the us.”

Gutierrez saw the speech as a blip in associate degree otherwise insulting and harsh 1st year in workplace for Trump.
“Puerto RICO Act could be a trope for the way this President sees all Latinos and other people of color: he doesn’t see US as his equals and he doesn’t see US as fellow personalities,” Gutierrez same.
“If you cross-check however the President has treated Puerto RICO Act, you’ve got to conclude that he simply doesn’t care and doubtless thinks of Puerto RICO Act as simply another shithole country.”

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