Bomb Blast On CPN UML Leader Sher Dhan Rai

Bhojpur, Bomb attack on CPN UML Polyteburo member and ex. Minister of Nepal, Mr. Rai is also the former minister, he is the candidate of the Rajya Sabha. Rai’s bodyguards have been injured by the attack. On the way to address in the general program of Gogne of Bhojpur, a someone unknown has attacked by bomb on Mr. Rai near Pikhuwa Khola at Bhojpur.
ASI Devi Devkota, has been injured by the bomb attack, He is the Bodyguard of Mr. Sher Dhan Rai. The youth leader, Makar Khadka, said that the all others with candidate were safe.
No one has claimed the bomb attack. The district police office has confirmed the incident. The police said the team was sent to investigate for the attackers.

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