Take a look at future of smartphones


Smartphones are those devices in our hands and helps to accomplish most of the tasks. Now days the devices are loaded with many features loaded onto them for our uses and easier to use. There have been drastic changes in short time of evolution of the smartphones. Apple’s iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung S series, Sony Xperia are most of the devices that changed the technology and way to get better user interface and many more functions.

Now let’s take a look at the future of the smartphone


We are so advanced that the new form of technologies are evolving these days. One of them is considered to be Hologram because it is the future. Scientists of Australia and South Korea are working on the hologram project and are nearer to the technology of hologram. A lot of studies are going on for this hologram technology to be revealed to all the users worldwide. A nanotech is a solution to this hologram technology to be implemented onto the smartphones of the future.

Modular Phones

This is cray evolution in smartphones era because you will have different parts in your devices which can be replaced depending upon your uses. This concept was brought so that users can have easier way to upgrade the devices upon the evolution of the software’s and hardware’s as well. User can replace any device parts and recycle them easily in upcoming future. Motorola and L.G tried their best to implement into their smartphones but failed. They are trying it more efficiently to attain the best result. Google’s Ara is the project that is seeking the best way out to process the modular phones but they have skipped it for sometimes.

Self Healing Phones

Is there anything you want more than this? A smartphone that heals itself when you broke screen and and dropped into the water. Then you are at the age where everything is best in the game. Games refers to the evolution of the era. Scientists have already discovered the element that heals itself and are about to implement them into the smartphones. They are so capable of healing everything to normal as a new phone. The element was used into the smartphones covers but now they are about to be integrated into the smartphones and will be in market soon. Dr. Chao Wang is the engineer who discovered the self healing element after watching the Wolverine comics.

Tattoo is a part of input devices 

You heard us right, the tattoo is the new generation technology that is predicted to be the input devices. A tattoo is about to be used for operating you smartphones and smart devices. DuoSkin tattoos are the future where a tattoos are used as the input devices from where you can perform many tasks into your smartphones. And the tattoos looks surprisingly cool in your hand. MIT Media lab introduced the DuoSkin tattoos for the functionality to be implemented in the future smartphones.

Wireless Charging

Charging with the cable charger can be a harder task and takes more time to charge the devices. But scientist have found the way different from the cables and are taking more time to study about it. Berkeley battery is only the system to development aiming for better wireless charging of smartphones. Nanogenerators are considered to be implemented for the wireless charging where human body can be considered as the biological battery.

Stay tuned for getting more information about the features to be coming in the future’s smartphones.

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