Why is China spying German’s top level personality ?

LinkedIn scams

The widely used social media for the professionals to uplift their projects and hire the workers. The Chinese intelligence are spying German’s top level personalities. Most of the politicians and officials are being watched by the Chinese personals. As German intelligence have reported that Most of the Chinese are using fake LinkedIn profile and are watching the politicians and German personals.

China Denied

As China has denied to respond to the intelligence report given from German.The BfV published the eight most professional that used to contact German LinkedIn users. Agency reported that Chinese intelligence used the networking site and targeted at least 10,000 Germans. They are regarded as the informants providing the information’s to the Chinese intelligence. The BfV reported that the both account seems to be fake and the agency is worried about the Chinese intelligence, As they are tageting politicians for recruit as informants.

Contact German Intelligence

Agency also asked that if any users are being targeted by suspicious account to reach them.

Hacker group “Fancy Bear” or APT28 was especially active and it is believed to be controlled by the Russian state.


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