LG reveals new shades for its G6 and Q6 phones

Are you bored of your commonplace black or white phone? If you’re, LG is cathartic its G6 and Q6 in many new colours. The G6 currently comes in Moroccan Blue, Lavender Violet, and Raspberry Rose, whereas the Q6 additionally gets the new blue and lavender colours. LG describes the new reminder as “sophisticated,” “romantic,” and “developed to charm to each men and girls United Nations agency appreciate the finer things in life.” I’m taking this to mean my life are a lot of polite and refined if I obtain these devices.

The G6 currently comes in eight colors: Astro Black, Ice noble metal, Mystic White, Terra Gold, Marine Blue, and also the 3 declared shades. The Q6 is offered within the same colours, apart from Raspberry Rose. (The V30 is additionally on the market within the new shades.)

In our review, we have a tendency to gave the G6 a score of seven.7, lightness its enticing style, however finding fault with its average cameras. we have a tendency to noted the Q6 could be a smaller and cheaper phone, however it’s a small USB at very cheap, that Vlad notes could be a dying commonplace.

The new colours for the G6 and Q6 are discharged in peninsula initial in Feb, followed by key markets worldwide. LG says evaluation and unharness dates are declared domestically, although there’s no indication if and once they’ll be discharged within the U.S.. the quality coloured G6 and Q6 unfastened devices ar presently $700 and $300, severally.
It’s unlikely LG can announce a successor to its G6 device at the Mobile World Congress next month in metropolis, however ensure you check back here for all the news because it hits.

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