Hackers can guess you phone pin using their techniques


A person or group of individuals are those who are paid by some organizations in-order to maintain the security of their data. But abusing of the knowledge leads to several crimes in this modern era of the technologies. They have smarter mind and can achieve their goal in real short times. Though hacking is not easy and need a lot of time to gather the information for what they are trying to achieve.

There are several kinds of sensors used or integrated into the smartphones system in-order to operate them. Some of the sensors like : gyroscope, accelerometer, gyroscope and other sensors are integratred into the hardware system to operate smartphones. They potentially represent a vulnerabilities to those who are using them. As hackers can use those sensors to collect the analytical and other important data while they need. Using the information gathered by these different sensors a hacker can guess you pin of the phone.

Success ?

From the research done by many security agencies there is 99.5 % of the chances where your pin can be accessed by hackers in maximum of 3 different attempts. How was the test performed ? Well, this is the right question and the answer you want to know about. They conducted a conference where they performed these test in those smartphones who have all these sensors present. While keeping the pin there are some of the blocks of the sensors that are active and collects the data that you just entered. Which made easier to know the pin of your devices. And finally the hackers can play with those sensors that are integrated into the smartphones hardware systems.

How can you be secure ?

Yes there are few ways with them you can secure your data and keep them away from the hackers. There are other options for securing the devices like facial recognition, fingerprint lock etc. Use the pin with more than 4 numeric code so that it will be harder for hackers to gain access to your data. This helps you to prevent your data from being trapped into the wrong hands.

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