Baidu launched new features in China


The largest search engine mostly use in China, Japan and most of the Mongolian countries. Baidu is also known as the Google in China and mostly used. It is only the search engine that is used by numerous amount of people in any specific country.

Baidu now revealed that specific feature that you can determine whether the website is blocked in China or not. The new administration is gone for Japanese organizations intrigued into China however is dismayed by the possibility of braiving the “Great Firewall.

If any website have Instagram and Google map embed, and can get the information where they can make their website China friendly. Anyone can access the free diagnosis of their page and know their domain is down or not. Also it sometimes provides the details about the reason why your page seems to be down to.

Baidu is offering the services with LXR, Japanese maker of Chinese-language sites. For $3091,  Baidu and LXR will analyze your site and how is it doing in China. Then finally it sends you the report in addition to the suggestion for the social media used in China like Yuku and WeChat for replacing YouTube and Messenger in their own way.

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