100 ft to her death and neighbors chase and catch suspect as he tries to flee.

A 30-year-old woman has fallen to her death from a 100ft tower block after appearing to dangle from her hair as she scrambled on a window ledge.  

Police Scotland said Alem Shimeni’s death was being treated as suspicious after she plunged from an 11th storey window in Royston, Glasgow at around 5pm on Monday.

The photographer described the Eritrean woman’s blood-curdling shrieks as she scratched at the rough facade of the block with her hands and feet.

He said he rushed down to see a man fleeing from the scene, as a group apprehended him. 

The witness who photographed her told . ‘I could hear hysterical screaming and I went to the window and I saw the woman being held by the hair.

‘She didn’t fall right away, because she was trying desperately to hold on to the window sill and she was scratching at the wall with her feet, trying to get a hold to keep herself from falling.’ 

The man said it was horrific to watch and that when she smashed onto the patch of turf below her body was immediately lifeless.

He said a group of them ran after an ‘African guy’ who darted from the building shortly after the fall.

The witness had rushed downstairs while calling 999 and then seen the man come out as a concierge grabbed him.

He stated that the man broke away before he got hold him again and a group held him there until the police arrived.

Nobody has been charged or arrested in relation to the incident. 

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