Nepal Won the U19 Match Against India

In the U-19 cricket, Nepal has tested the history of Test-winning India with 19 runs.
This is the first time Nepal achieved victory over India in any level of cricket.
Nepal won historic victory with the All-round display of captain Dipendra Singh Arier at the Oval field in Kanal of Malaysia.
After the match by Nepal’s 186-run team, India got 166 runs in 48.1 overs.
After batting 88 runs in the batting, Aryi took 4 wickets for the bowling. India’s batting line has fallen down.
India captain Captain Himanshu Rana and Manjoj Kaleera started aggressive and shared 65 runs for the first wicket, but the Nepalese forces did not allow other Indian batsmen to hold a long time in the crash.
Opener Rana made 46 runs before bowling Kamal Singh Aary. Similarly, Para Sarfach scored 38 runs in the personal score by Pawan Sarfach from the hand of Rohit Kumar Poudel.
Nepali spinners dominated in the middle over. Captain Arile saw the path to the Pavilion in the middle of the four-match medals.
For Nepal, Pawan Saraf and Sahav Alam took 2/2 wickets while Aram Lam Lamne and Kamal Ari took 1/1 wickets.
Earlier, Nepal made 185 runs for the loss of 8 wickets at the scheduled overs with the help of Captain Arye’s captainial innings.
Nepal’s start was not good. Nepal had lost 2 wickets after adding 28 runs. Asif Sheikh and Anil Shah scored 6 runs. Dipendra, who came in the fourth position, opens with opener Jitendra Singh Thakuri, with Nepal’s innings.
Jitendra and Deependra shared 49 runs for the third wicket. Jitendra 36 runs. No batteries came afterwards with Dipendra. Apart from adding 15 runs, Bhim Sarki did not even add double digits.
Dipendra, who was out of the eighth wicket, was 8 8 in the innings and managed to score 88 runs in 101 balls, with a six six in 101 balls. Captain Aryi’s Sports Manifest the Game of the Match.
Nepal made a fierce defeat of 2 wickets with Bangladesh in its first match of the tournament.
Nepal will play its second game with Malaysia on Tuesday.

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