The planet Mars is not dry as it seems to be


The planet near to our planet Earth. As there are many research going on about this specific planet by different researchers and scientists. There is a conclusion that was made by the scientists. That the Mars seems not to be dry as it seems to be.

When scientists were searching for the life existence in the planet Mars, they found some of the different properties of it. Once there was water present in the planet but it came to a time where the land started to use the water and oxidizing process occurred. And it leads to uninhabitable for any creatures to survive in that surrounding.

They also said that due to magnetic field and some other solar winds the water was swiped away but this does not explain where the water really swiped. As other many theories are being discussed about the surrounding of the planet Mars.

They also discussed that the water here on Earth is also absorbed by the rocks but in the planet Mars the absorption of the water by rocks seems to be less. As it can hold 25% more water than the Earth. As like of Earth there are the plates which helps to maintain the water level of the planet and degrades upon the surrounding. Due to which the different eruption of the volcano leads to the planet to a place where life can’t be present.

While asking the scientist about “Why earth have never faced this sort of problems?” He replied that mars is smaller than the earth and have higher temperature compared to the earth. Also the content of higher iron silicate in the planet. There are various factors that effect the system of the planet and can be hazardous that may resulted in the existence of the creatures living there.

They concluded that there was the presence of the water in the planet Mars and are seeking for what changes made water to disappear.

Doctor Wade said: “To build on this work we wish to check the consequences of alternative sensitivities across the planets — little or no is thought concerning Venus as an example. queries like: what if the world had additional or less iron within the mantle, however would that amendment the environment? What if the world was larger or smaller? These answers can facilitate US to know what quantity of a job rock chemistry determines a planet’s future fate.

When searching for life on alternative planets it’s not concerning having the proper bulk chemistry, however additionally terribly delicate things just like the method the earth is place along, which can have massive effects on whether or not water stays on the surface. These effects and their implications for alternative planets haven’t extremely been explored.”

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