Apple Bought Shazam but why?


The widely used app for identifying the song that are being playing around you. It’s crazy when you first time use this app. This is really an interesting app that could identify your song with music beat or an lyrics. Most of the people these days uses Shazam for better music and their lyrics. But, Apple bought Shazam ! Isn’t this a curious thing? A well known Apple bought Shazam for $400 million as per rumors.

Well, this thing is interesting in my opinion. Apple is seeking a way to make the music better to their music lovers. In the crowd Shazam can lead Apple music to next level. As early in most of the rumors Apple is trying to compete with the well known Spotify music that is providing the best music to their users. So, Apple might be competing with Spotify.

Apple is always keen to user’s privacy and will be always. So, Apple is not ready to integrate with others 3rd parties apps and devices. Apple introduced HomePod, iPod and many more devices in gone years with their own type of integration to the system. Most of the technologies used for accessing the music is iTunes store, Beats headphone division, Beats 1 radio station and Carpool Karaoke TV show.

As some of the competitors are there out in the market for Apple like Amazon Echo and Google Home, Apple is trying to integrate Shazam into the HomePod so that the music experience in HomePod be real drastic changes given to the devices ever. Apple can also make audio-recognition technology as a real quick fix and some some extra features to the devices associated to the music lovers and the devices compatible to it.

Well, there are many things to discuss about and will be reporting you soon as we get the best information for you.

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