Florida vaulting mentor captured on kid porn charges

LAKELAND, Fla. – A Florida athletics coach has been in remission on porn charges, reports CBS affiliate WTSP. Alexander Katchalov, 21, worked at Elite World athletics coaching complicated in Lakeland, that his oldsters own, Polk County peace officer Grady Judd told the station.
Katchalov worked at the complicated as a tutor, coaching kids from the ages of three to fifteen.
Judd told the station his department received a tip that Katchalov was downloading porn. once Polk County deputies served a groundwork warrant at the athletics center Tues, Katchalov allegedly confessed, admitting he had been downloading porn since 2011.
Katchalov told deputies he had a drag however believed it had been in check.
“It’s obvious to Maine he could not management his drawback,” Judd told reporters throughout a Tuesday evening news conference.
Judd same investigators believe Katchalov exhibit as a baby on-line to urge kids to send him photos.
“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s extremely nauseous if you saw a number of the items my detectives got to see whereas they are work,” Judd same.
Katchalov has been charged with twenty two porn counts, WTSP reports. extra charges area unit attainable because the investigation continues. Judd asked anyone with info to return forward.
According to the USA athletics page, Katchalov competed at the national and international levels from 2013 to 2015 in gymnastic apparatus and tumbling.

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